Meals To-Go

Meals To-Go

Eat Clean, Train Mean!
Fresh & Simple – Our meals are FRESH & NEVER frozen! Taste and feel the Evergreen difference.

Not All Calories Are Created Equal.

Evergreen Meals To-Go is not just a diet. We don’t view food as whether it will make us thinner or fatter. We use only the freshest ingredients to help increase performance, and promote a healthier lifestyle.


Lean Meats and Proteins
Gluten Free*
Dairy Free*
No Refined Sugar
Locally Sourced in NJ/NY/PA
Perfect Portions, Two Different Sizes
Always Fresh, NEVER FROZEN!

At The Office


One of the easiest ways to save your company a massive loss in productivity and revenue is to encourage nutritious meals. Employees can save money, eat better, and save time, all while enjoying a healthier lifestyle.


Having meals prepared ahead of time employees spend less time out of the office buying lunch and more time being productive. This in turn carves out more time for them to engage in socialization with co-workers.


By avoiding processed foods, refined sugars, and heavy saturated fats, causing brain fatigue, our meals are packed with dense nutrients, vitamins and minerals designed to create a healthier, happier, more successful self.


We noticed that when employees got hungry, it meant their glucose levels had already begun to drop, becoming distracted much more easily. A diet with plenty of fresh whole foods, rich in nutrients and Omega-3/6/9 fatty acids help prevent brain fatigue and increase concentration.

Food is meant to be enjoyed!
So stop counting calories at the expense of flavor.
Focus on eating fresh, chef inspired meals, & everything else falls into place.


Do you spend more time trying to figure out what to cook or eat then you do actually eating?


Save hours a day for doing things you love instead of grocery shopping and doing dishes.


Buying groceries seemed like a better option than eating out every night, which would cost me $20-30. But now I spend even more and waste more food having groceries going bad in my refrigerator


Spend less money than ordering out, waste less food then cooking yourself, and you’ll eat a healthier, well balanced meal.


Eating Evergreen Meals To-Go I always feel better.


Have more energy from eating a healthy well balanced nutritious meal with no additives, preservatives, and NEVER FROZEN!

“Before trying Evergreen Meals To-Go I would always find myself sluggish and bloated after lunch, making me unable to put forward my best efforts at work. After starting with Evergreen Meals To-Go I find my energy levels are sustained throughout the day which has allowed me to stay focused on my work. I never thought a change in my diet would have this big an impact on my life.”
-Ryan G.
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